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Core Values


We believe all injuries are preventable. 


People are our greatest asset; we recognize the essential importance of people to the success of the business. 

Customer Focus

We will focus on customer relationships that build trust, confidence and loyalty. 


To act with honesty and integrity without comprising the truth. 


Giving due respect to self and others and maintain. 

In order to achieve our goal of incident and injury free operations, we have established a system of auditing and monitoring activities and behaviors that can have a positive or negative influence on production. Our safety program covers specialized training for specific tasks, environmental training, and required training as mandated by government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels.

Our employees have been working toward establishing the mindset of having "Incident and Injury Free (IIF)" operations as a means for continuously improving safety and attitudes on our work sites. Through IIF, our employees strive to perform all work activities on all work sites free of incidents and injuries.

We embrace several sound principles to achieve our goals of IIF operations.

  • By allowing our employees to partner with us creating relationships instead of a "my way or the highway" philosophy

  • If an employee stops a task for any concern, we will back them up.

  • If an employee brings up a concern, we will address it promptly.

  • If there is an injury, we will conduct an Incident Investigation in such a way that the person is NOT blamed. We need to learn so that we can eliminate the incident and injury next time similar circumstances are present.

  • We must believe that all accidents can be prevented

  • If hazards can't be eliminated, we expect that our employees will take the time to put controls into place in order to prevent personnel from gaining access to the hazardous area

  • Safety is a management responsibility and an employee accountability

  • Management has a responsibility to train employees to work safely

  • If it is not safe, management does not expect employees to do it, no matter what

  • If you see something that is unsafe, speak up immediately, there and then, to your supervisor, no matter whom- no matter what.

  • If you are not sure of something or do not understand something you're asked to do, speak up and ask the question.

  • Working safely is a condition of employment

Accident statistics are used to assess trends. These trends are communicated to supervision and management so that focus can be geared toward activity where the trends are generated. The intent is to measure success in attaining safety goals for the year. Statistics are compiled in a quarterly report and reviewed with operations to determine path forward objectives for the company. These statistics are cumulative numbers that are used to gauge successes and failures throughout the company.

Each employee is assigned a Safety Program Manual. The manual is in constant review to keep current with ever changing regulations and demands of our customers. The following key elements are identified in our safety manual: ENVIRONMENTAL, SAFETY STANDARDS, POLICIES, AND PROCEDURES, PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT, SAFETY TOOLS, SAFETY RULES, HSE RESPONSIBILITIES.

Our philosophy of Incident and Injury Free Operations allows us to make each day at work a time of building relationships and partnering with our employees while at the same time making safety personal, relevant, and important.

We care about our Customers!

We care about our Company! 

We care about our People!

We care about our Environment!